Mindfulness for the modern world

It’s not the destination that matters. It’s the change of scene –  Brian Eno

With the pressures of modern life, many of us are surviving rather than thriving. Our energies are scattered and dispersed. We struggle to maintain attention, motivation and creativity. We’re tough on ourselves, our families, our friends and colleagues. We are often so busy that we can’t see we’re caught in a downward spiral of stress and reactivity. At its extreme this can lead to illness and depression; more commonly we find ourselves feeling tired, irritable and powerless.

Mindfulness is a way of recovering a sense of equilibrium; of adjusting to the pulse of the moment in a way that is real, flexible and rewarding. It has been shown to increase focus and emotional intelligence and decrease stress. Regular practice can also enhance empathy, enhance relationships with others and give our lives a greater sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Embodiment is an ideal companion to Mindfulness. Using one the most simple and accessible of tools available to us – our Body – we can gently shine a light on our habitual tendencies; develop greater awareness and choice; and hopefully have some insight in the process.


  • But I am offering one-to-one and Skype sessions
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