Urban Haikus

Autumn: beech upstaged
by a pile of its own leaves
Can’t bear any more.

Checkout, IKEA
pillow bath mat orchid glass
white grey hotdog fast

North circular night
We argue over the Bobs-
Marley or Womack.

Above breezing beards
loafers – a tree with apples.
Long, red, unnoticed

I wake to find my
Left hand had fallen asleep
Right in my son’s arms

When I got to the
end of the queue they said they
had only broken.

Here with sushi, sun
the day Tony Blair got in
Now, the full ashtray

Can-do-Coffee cart at the
site of the building now gone
where we used to live

Aisle of gold pressed leaves
followed in seventh gear down
Clipstone cycle path.

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