Urban Haikus

Small poems condensing moments, often composed around London whilst in transit: walking or cycling

Traditionally 5-7-5 syllables; by season

Midsummer morn warm
bra cold fingertips costume
drips to ears of grass

Crucial England game
final sun hits cream façade
past groans, empty road

Fat surge of jasmine
straddling the canal path
brine brown hazy thoughts

From girl on next bike
soprano serenade ten
pm warmth, light rain

Dead squirrel, swerved
around hosiery of gut
many busy phones

Sun wink, phlox: Parkway
Though tired from Tatler viewing
eyes sought Vestry Stone

Collecting Thali
next to splayed sandy buttocks
at Dering Street Tan

Past the water’s gape
sign warning Adverse Camber
quotidian bends

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